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Overview of our work packages

The Einstein Research Unit “Climate and Water under Change” (CliWaC) consists of three closely interlinked research areas: Part A “Present and future drivers of risks”, Part B “Impacts and actions” and Part C “Strategies for implementation”. The three parts will run in parallel and each address the same three case studies. To reach this aim, CliWaC pursues a symmetrical approach between the natural and social sciences and engineering. Furthermore, CliWaC approaches the research fields as a set of material and social dynamics playing out within hydrosocial territories

Research Part A - Present and future drivers of risks


Part A analyses and quantifies present and future drivers of risks for water-related sectors stemming from changes in spatial and temporal patterns of essential climate variables, especially of precipitation and actual evapotranspiration, in the entire model region Berlin- Brandenburg and in the sub-regions of the three case studies.

Work package A1

Projected changes in climate, precipitation extremes and water resources

Research Part B - Impacts and actions


Part B explores the impacts of altered water availability and extreme events on water-related sectors, as well as the interactions across sectors in the model region Berlin-Brandenburg. It identifies, develops and tests actions for better coping with these challenges.

Work package B1

Ecosystems, biodiversity and ecosystem services

Work package B2

Flood and wastewater management

Work package B3

Water resource management

Work package B4

Cross sector implications

Research Part C - Strategies for implementation


Part C develops resilient governance frameworks to aid decision-making under uncertainty. The work is based on a legal frame of reference, institutional analysis, and an assessment of public perceptions of climate impacts and adaptive practices in the region.

Work package C1

Risk perception and adaptive practices

Work package C2

Environmental governance

Work package C3

Strategies, actions and feasibility